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Ten-year-old Noah Cordle visited the National Museum of Natural History on November 3 to donate a Clovis point he found in New Jersey. He and his parents right met. Clovis: chert Clovis: 44SX0202, Nottoway River Survey, Lithic Casting Laboratory, replicas. Top Row: chert, clear quartz, chert Bottom Row: rhyolite, quartz, chert. It has to be said by somebody: part of the attraction of studying the first well-documented people in the Americas is the stunning beauty of the Clovis point, used by. The Clovis culture is a prehistoric Paleo-Indian culture, named after distinct stone tools found at sites near Clovis, New Mexico, in the 1920s and 1930s. The Clovis.. Pictures and descriptions of six different large Clovis points from five different states east of the Mississippi River. They were found in Alabama, Indiana, Ohio. Clovis: What's the Point? A Study in Thick-bodied and Thin-bodied Fluted Projectile Point Variability. . Jul 12, 2012The distinctive fluted Clovis spear points were first discovered in 1932 at Blackwater Draw, near the village of Clovis, N.M. They have subsequently been. Mar 25, 2011Researchers say the tools may be as old as 15,500 years, retiring a long-held hypothesis that the so-called Clovis people, who came from Asia 13,000 years.
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